Course Maps



*Routes are from 2017. We are waiting on final permitting for 2018. Courses subject to change at any time.

Aid Stations & Medical

There will be ambulances and medical personnel at the start line, finish line and along the course. If you need medical attention, find the nearest aid station, bearing in mind you may have just passed it. If you are not able to make it to an aid station by yourself, notify a volunteer, spectator or another runner to notify the nearest aid station of your location and condition. Aid stations will have the ability to contact the race's medical staff to provide you with help.

Aid stations will serve water, Gatorade and GU Energy Gel (assorted flavors, while supplies last). Plan ahead! Make sure you grab GU or fruit when it is available, even if you have to carry it with you until you need it.

Spectator Guide

The 2018 Spectator Guide will be available closer to Race Day!

Pace Team

The Pace Team will be provided by Fleet Feet Sports Madison & Sun Prairie. Stop by their booth at the Run Madtown Expo & Packet Pick Up to learn more and meet your pacers!

Half Marathon Pacers:

1 hour 40 minutes (7:38 pace) - Andrew Porn, Chris Jungkans
1 hour 50 minutes (8:24 pace) - Petra Gehrig, Aaron Hizon
2 hours (9:10 pace) - Andrea Amend, Randy Mays
2 hours 15 minutes (10:18 pace) - Christian Borchardt
2 hours 30 minutes (11:27 pace) - Sara Carter, Jen Whipp
2 hours 45 minutes (12:35 pace) - Tom Peterson
3 hours (13:44 pace) - Mary Moran

Marathon Pacers:

3 hours 20 minutes (7:37 pace) - Michael Suer, Alex Atterbury
3 hours 30 minutes (8:01 pace) - Brandon Fienen, David Markle
3 hours 40 minutes (8:23 pace) - Curt Brey, Chad Koch
4 hours (9:10 pace) - Pam Connolly, Lissa Hruska
4 hours 20 minutes (9:54 pace) - Jessica Anderson, Wendi Joseph
4 hours 40 minutes (10:41 pace) - Jean Reichie, Julie Fulton
5 hours (11:27 pace) - Pete Hegarty