Community FAQ's



Safety is our top priority and we work with local law enforcement officials to plan a safe and fun experience for everyone involved. To help ensure a safe race experience, race staff encourage all participants, volunteers, and spectators to be aware of their surroundings and follow these protocols:

  • Never leave bags unattended along any part of the course, including the Start and Finish Line area, except in the official Gear Check location.

  • Please use either the official race bag or a bag no larger than a large plastic grocery bag for Gear Check.

  • If you see a suspicious person, object or vehicle along or near the race course, please report the sighting to 9-1-1 or notify nearby law enforcement personnel.

Map of Downtown city-operated parking ramps. Please refrain from parking in the ramp on Caroll St. between Johnson and Dayton (marked "8" on the linked map) on Sunday.

Looking for a spot? Visit the City of Madison Parking page for live ramp updates. You'll be able to see the number of spaces left in each downtown ramp!

A pace per mile chart of when the first and last runners will be at each mile will be available soon.

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