Ride Share*

RideShare.us is a website which is dedicated to reducing dependence on the oil economy and greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of ride-sharing or carpooling in the United States and Canada. It is an interactive database application that facilitates the development of a ride-sharing or carpooling network over the Internet. The focus of their outreach is to encourage organizations, schools, businesses and individuals to utilize the program, which allows for the creation of an almost instant online ride-share or carpool solution. There is no charge and the benefits are numerous.

  1. Save Money
  2. Reduce Environmental Impact
  3. Reduce Dependence On Oil
  4. Reduce Road Congestion
  5. Save Parking Lot Space
  6. Get To Know New People

* Note: The RideShare.us website is provided as a public service. Madison Festivals, Inc., Purple Door Productions and RideShare.us assume no responsibility for your safety or the service you receive. You agree to use this website only to organize or find a ride-share or carpool. RideShare.us service is provided as is with no guarantees.

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