Like you, we are ready to return to in-person events, and with the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines underway, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although we are very optimistic that we will be able to race in person together this November, a great deal of uncertainty remains. Which is why we are excited to offer In-Person Waitlist Registration for the 2021 Madison Marathon presented by SSM Health.

Madison Festivals, Inc. will follow public health guidance from the City of Madison and Public Health Madison Dane County and will finalize our plans for the race in July.  

By selecting In-Person Waitlist Registration, you reserve your spot in the in-person race without being charged a registration fee. If we can offer an in-person event, all participants on the In-Person Waitlist will automatically be registered for the race and your credit card will be charged in July. If we are unable to hold an in-person event due to public health concerns, your registration will automatically be cancelled, and your credit card will not be charged. You will have the opportunity to sign up for a virtual option at that time.  

Learn more about In-Person Waitlist Registration below:

  1. What is In-Person Waitlist Registration?
    1. In-Person Waitlist Registration allows participants to register for the in-person race without being charged a registration fee. Once the in-person portion of the race has officially been cleared, then participants will be automatically charged their registration fee. If it’s determined the in-person race cannot happen, in-person waitlist registrations are automatically canceled and never charged.
  2. When will the in-person race decision be made?
    1. Following guidance from the City of Madison and Dane County Public Health, the Madison Marathon Board of Directors plans to announce a decision about the in-person race the first week of July.
  3. What is the benefit of signing up for the In-Person Waitlist rather than waiting until a decision is made in July?
    1. In addition to saving money on your registration fee, signing up early reserves your spot in the event! If the City of Madison and Dane County Public Health should need to impose participation caps on the race, your entry space is confirmed! If more participants pre-register (waitlist registration) than are allowed per guidelines set forth by Public Health, participants will be awarded race entry based on the date they registered.
  4. If I am not being charged, why do I still have to enter my credit card information during registration?
    1. In-Person Waitlist Registrations are treated as ‘real registrations’ and require a credit card to reserve your entry. Because waitlist registrations are treated as actual race entries, they cannot be canceled.
  5. Will I see any charges on my credit card?
    1. Although your credit card will not be charged, it will be pre-authorized, and you may see a $0.00 charge from Run Sign Up. This is a pre-authorization hold fee on your card, your card will not be charged the actual registration fee until the race has been officially cleared in July.
  6. What happens if my credit card changes between when I register and when I would get charged in July?
    1. If the credit card you utilized during registration is no longer active, you will be notified via email. You will have 48 hours to update your payment information in your Run Sign Up account.
  7. How will I know when an in-person race decision has been made?
    1. If you choose the In-Person Waitlist Registration option, you will receive an email in July with an update about the race. We will also announce the decision on social media.
  8. Can I cancel my waitlist registration?
    1. Waitlist registrations are treated the same as any other in-person registration and therefore cannot be canceled.
  9. Can I change my registration if I decide to do the virtual race instead?
    1. You can change to the virtual race at any time. No refunds will be given for registrations that change from in-person to virtual.
  10. Other questions, email us at: